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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  September 10, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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for scheduling on november 16. >> just last week, street lights were put up in sherman's circle in an effort to cut down on crime there. >> a neighborhood is on edge after a woman arrived home to find a strange man in her apartment to attack her. this happened in fairfax county. let's go there live for the details. >> detectives from the fairfax county police have been out here twice since friday, telling people exactly what did happen and trying to find out about the attack that took place. >> everyone in that neighborhood is bothered by this. >> a tenant who lives in this building came home at 10:45 the
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morning to find a stranger in her house. he attacked her and attempted to sexually assault the woman. >> when she was attacked, she kept fighting. her defense were down his attack, to which point he gave up and left. >> police are not certain how the man got into the house and whether his attempt was to burglarize the apartment. >> something like this usually does not happen at all. i came by later in that evening and i was alarmed. >> the suspect is believed to be hispanic and in his late 20s. he has a thin build, short black hair, brown eyes and was wearing blue jeans. one resident is now nervous. >> the i check my surroundings every time i walked out the door and every time i go inside.
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it is an eerie feeling. >> fairfax county police tell us the suspect was not alarmed. the lead to a victim was not seriously injured. >> more than a dozen people, mostly children, are recovering after a swarm of yellow jackets stun them. that happened at temple emanu-el religious school. 10 staff members were participating wednesday disrupted a hive and ended up getting stung. everyone was taken to hospital with minor injuries but luckily none of them was allergic. >> another strong weekend storm has a number of people cleaning up today. this summer has dealt to major blows. we've got more on the clean up tonight. it is hard to imagine what this family has gone through.
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workers were supposed to arrive this morning to repair damage that that is on hold because the rest of the roof is damaged after the powerful storm this weekend. >> battleground at south shore road mother nature verses the neighborhood. >> a tree fell right over my head. >> this is round two. the corner of his roof was damage and then on saturday, a tree crashed on to a different portion of its roof. his truck was smashed and he witnessed of thing. >> is unbelievable whether from all over. everything was swirling and flying through the air. it was just so vicious and angry. it was phenomenal. the storm was over in about 10 seconds. >> it tore a path of destruction along this cul-de-sac. blue tarps on the roof.
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this home was abandoned after major structural damage. >> this carport foundation is wobbly and the card inside damage, crushed by a huge tree. >> it was a solid, healthy tree. it went across the carport and the rest is history. >> it will take days to make a dent in the wreckage but neighbors have found a symbol of hope. >> this is a flag because we keep fighting. this is a strong neighborhood. >> the neighbors have been helping each other helping to get the cars out from the carport. the roads were open again and there were crews but the big question everyone wants an answer to is what kind of weather is this.
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>> thank you. the storm left behind some damage but also left some great temperatures for the start of this week. >> we've got the first check of the forecast. >> what a week we are going to have. the folks from the weather service did it survey a number of damage late saturday and did not find any evidence of a tornado. it was a ferocious storm but look at what it has left behind. sparkling blue skies and a nice cumulus clouds. i will give you a guarantee that we won't be seeing any thing for many days. what a difference from just a couple of days ago. temperatures in the '70s. look at cumberland, 68. some of the folks will be seen temperatures into the '40's. it will be another beautiful
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day heading out for the bus stop. in is still dark around 6:30. another outdoor recess kind of day with temperatures in to the mid '70s after a cool beginning. >> for the second time in four months a rite aid store was the side of the shooting. here is surveillance video that happened over the weekend. we go live now to northeast washington for a look at what is being done to keep employees and customers safe now. >> police say they did not know what the motive was. their families believe it was a robbery attempt. the victim was a married immigrant father with two children. >> my cousin was shot. he is in i c u i just had surgery. >> the most recent employee told
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the regional manager today what she told us. >> how much do you care about your employees to protect them? i can't stress that -- i can't stress that enough. >> again, last night, an armed man walked into the store and shot an assistant manager. this is police video release of the suspect. >> we would like people to look at this and see if they can identify this person and call the police department so we can get this person off the street. >> it was the second employee who had been shot. a surveillance video shows a different gunman walking into the store and then shot and wounded the manager. employees say the manager is in a rehab hospital learning to walk again. privately, employees say they want armed guards. the security guard was armed but last night, he was not.
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the regional managers talked about greater liability with armed guards. the employee was shot in both legs. >> we know that will go straight to the heart, so they have to go with lee and stop the bleeding. we are not sure what they're doing right now. >> right aid would not say how long they plan to keep the guards armed. customer and employee safety is a big concern. they have offered a $10,000 award for information leading to the rest of the shooter. a 53-year-old suspect is behind bars thanks to the public's reaction. >> thank you. repair work has begun on the memorial bridge in arlington. crews will be working on weekdays and at least one lane will be closed between 10:00 and
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3:00. west bound lanes will be closed but officials say one lane in each direction will be an open throughout the project. construction is expected to wrap up in november. more bridge problems to tell you about over the brand to enter county connector. to brand new bridges have cracks in them. inspectors found two hairline cracks near route 29. crews found cracks in three other bridges. contractors are being built now for their repair costs. >> time to play monday afternoon quarterback. not much to say about the redskins went over the northern states except while. >> that is a good word for it. fans are celebrating today. it was a huge first one of the season and they're celebrating their new quarterback are robert griffin the third. >> let's go live toking to fans.
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>> what a strong debut for the redskins. fans cannot stop talking about it on line and on the streets. >> the redskins big wind reignited a football field -- football fever across the d.c. area. >> it makes d.c. prow. they did good. >> fans are talking about the first when of the season. >> it was spectacular. i was mighty impressed and i'm looking forward to a good year. >> one woman could not fight the urge to dedicate her allegiance to the redskins. >> all eyes are on the new recce quarterback for his official career game debut that opened up with a bank. >> i know for sure they've got a quarterback. you can't get no better than he played. everything was perfect. >> there is already talk of what
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is to come and the ultimate dream of riding on this season. >> it was like a super bowl. >> you have 15 more to go. >> in the meantime, there is still game no. 2. that this sunday against the st. louis rams. >> thank you. doesn't your food taste better today? that's what happens when they win. we will have more coming up in sports. we'll have reaction from the team and coaches. >> coming up, what police have planned for tonight that could help them find new cruise. >> an amazing flea market find in our area. find out how much how it could go for an auction. >> thousands of teachers on strikes and one of the country's biggest city.
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[ romney ] this president can ask us to be patient. this president can tell us it was someone else's fault. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. north american energy independence. create over three hundred forty thousand new jobs for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approved this message. >> it checking out the news from around the nation, the mayor of trenton, new jersey is in federal custody after he was
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arrested after a two-year undercover investigation. this comes weeks after his home was raided. his time and office has been marred by financial problems. investigators say he was turning to extortion and real-estate deals to make money. >> thousands of chicago public school teachers are on strike and thousands of students were forced to stay home today. >> the strike started after contract negotiations broke down last night. >> chicago mayor, rahm emanuel had a message for the 25,000 striking teachers. >> stay at the table and finish it for our students. >> for the first time in a quarter century teachers to the picket lines today after a weekend negotiations fell apart. >> when you ask how you feel about the children missing school, we would rather they miss a few days of school and learn what it's like to stand up for your rights.
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>> the two sides are close to negotiation but are stuck over hiring practices. emmanuel believes they should be responsible for hiring their own teachers. >> ron emmanuel has made a point of pride in trying to change many things in the school and that has added pressure and mistrust. >> chicago has enacted an emergency contingency plan. they will provide breakfast and lunch, but other than that parents are pretty much on their own. >> how dare you guys stop school in session. how dare you do that to our children. what are you thinking about? not about them. >> the mayor called a strike of choice and said it was totally avoidable.
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>> one point of contention is the idea of teachers being evaluated based on student test scores. if the students do poorly, the teacher can be fired. in 2009, the public school system in b.c. implement a similar plan called impact. since then, the teachers' union says about 400 teachers have been fired. >> new details have been announced for the public memorial service for neil armstrong. fellow astronauts michael collins and eugene stern and will be speaking. it will be thursday at the national cathedral northwest. musicians will be on hand to honor the first man to walk on the moon. >> that brings back some memories. >> i understand the impact. >> the first man to fly at the speed of sound, chuck yeager, is still with us. when you think of everything
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that has gone on in our lifetime and where we are now -- >> let's just talk about today. it is beautiful. we deserve a break this week. especially for our friends. another damaging storm. will be a week to recover and begin the cleanup. some nice, cumulus clouds dissipating right now. the temperature outside is 75 degrees. the average temperature will really be able to take a tumble. 70 degrees are right now in hagerstown. tomorrow morning temperatures will be into the 40's. look at how dry it is. in to the 40's and here is how we look in the satellite.
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notice how in the eastern shore there is not much to see. not much going on the radar. i searched for a few showers in florida. after isaac and after they dropped, the folks in florida are getting some rain. look at the morning low temperatures this morning. 46 degrees in winchester. tomorrow morning, you folks will be into the 40's. look at the dry air that not only covers us, but covers so much of the country. that is lesley racing toward newfoundland. there is a hurricane watch out and that could be -- that could become nadine. no threat to the eastern united states. temperatures all over the east are into the '60s and '70s.
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there is the nasty front heading out to sea. the overall pattern is building a bridge over us which means high pressure and dry air. as we go through the nighttime hours, the cloud will dissipate. look at the morning low temperatures. it will actually be lower than this. probably in to the high 40's. a warm sweater for the youngsters heading out to school. once again the afternoon temperatures are ideal. low humidity and the pattern continues to march night. when you get up, head out to work tomorrow morning temperatures are in the mid '40's. even the folks into southern maryland, you will see in the high 40's. a delightful day with temperatures near 80.
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that will be the story heading into the week. the next risk of showers not until saturday. we will keep you posted as we always have. you can also check out of the skies. we have a whole page of our sky cameras and it will be beautiful blue skies all over the place. the ragweed is up to 12 and i'm afraid by the end of the week, we will be in the 20s to 30s. >> that's a bad news. it is pitiful. we will take that. >> coming up, we will sit down with actress kathleen turner and talk about her new role in dc. find out who is suingpected of a woman's disappearance in a rowboat. >> a memorial for victims of a famine has neighbors upset.
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let there is controversy swirling around a new memorial planned for downtown washington. >> people are not upset about the location or the symbolism what has some work that is the direction it will be facing. we have them following the story. let's go to northwest with the details. >> the memorial will honor the
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victims of the ukrainian famine of 1933 and it will stretch along this grassy path where you see people walking. memorial will face massachusetts avenue, leaving nothing but a blank wall for everyone else. >> many called it genocide. from 1930 to 1933, millions of ukrainians died from starvation. congress approved a memorial honoring the victims was chosen as the site. it's now home to food trucks during the day as hundreds of residents and workers passed through. >> it would be nice to have a place to sit to eat from the food from of the drugs and it's good they are memorializing something important. >> one side of the memorial will be pleased to learn about the fat and rich that -- and
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reflect. the other website will be a blank wall facing the restaurants, hotels and the u.s. capitol. >> i don't mind them put a monument there but having a blank wall -- it's bad architecture. >> it better than nothing. they could face it that way and more people would see it. >> district people oppose the memorial saying it's not the best use of public space. >> it could be a safety hazard or place to hide behind where a lot of unsuspecting tourists would be moving around. >> one of the safety concerns is you have several bars here that get out late at night. if there is a six-foot wall, they are afraid people will use of our public urination. people tell me having lunch in a park dedicated to millions of people who starved to death does not sit well with them. it should also be noted that no federal or local tax dollars will be used for this. the ukrainian government is paying for the memorial. >> thank you.
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still ahead a surprise wedding between two of hollywood's biggest names. details on the secret nuptials. >> a new lawsuit from the big- name comedy pocketed company. >> tonight, dozens of frightened residents are
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>> a commuting -- a community meeting is being held tonight with homestead residents and police to come up with evidence on a teen-ager's carter. >> she is killed last month after a man busted into a room and shot her dead. but to live there now for the latest. >> people live in this community say they have been shaken since this crime happened. they watched her grow up and saw her daily at the bus stop.
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they say life has not been the same since this crime. they want to get together with police tonight because they want answers but police say they need to hear from the community as well. >> in this quiet neighborhood, a lot of people say they plan to attend tonight's meeting. >> hit i just want closure. an innocent victim lost her life. >> both 11 were longtime neighbors of amber and her family. the 17-year-old was murdered on august 22 in her own bedroom. police know a single gunman kicked in the door to the family home. they know he went straight to her room and they know he filed mark -- fired multiple shot as she sat up in her bed. they know that he walked away from home, but despite an intense investigation they do not know who he is or why he did
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it. >> this whole neighborhood is shut up. >> this quiet street and that happened -- it could have been anybody. >> homicide commanders will try to reassure the community. even though the murder remains unsolved, they do not it was a random crime and they plan to ask the victims neighbors for their help. >> they may have some information they can share that could eventually help break this case. >> that is why this neighbor says he is going to the meeting. >> i want to hear if anybody knows anything. somebody had to see something more know something. >> police believe that is the case. they talked to many people in this neighborhood. they have done interviews and they believe there could be someone who has information they don't even think is significant but could be to the investigation. that is why they want to get together and share information.
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>> a prince william county prosecutor says his office is preparing to retry a death row inmate whose conviction was overturned. he was convicted of a murder for hire plot in 2001. the sentence was tossed out after accusations of misconduct. a hearing will be held on friday. prosecutors will ask for a retrial date. >> people across the united states will commemorate the anniversary of 9/11 tomorrow. several events will be held in the d.c. area tomorrow to honor the lives lost and change 11 years ago. we'll have the latest on the federal decision concerning ground zero had the health of hundreds of first responders there. >> time for a look at the other top stories -- a virginia neighborhood is on edge after it would was attacked. she arrived at home to find a strange man in her apartment who attacked her and try to sexually assault her. the attack happened in the
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marysville section of fairfax county. the suspect is still on the list. >> at d.c. police hope video well help to find a man that shot of someone that during an attempted robbery. it's the second shooting at a rite aid in just four months. >> many residents across the area are cleaning up after a strong weekend storm that knocked down trees and power lines and it blew the roof off a building in northwest d.c.. the national weather service will make an assessment. american express is suing at a maryland man suspected in the death of robert gardner after she disappeared in a recall last year. he took out a policy before the trip and try to collect on and after he was released from custody. the company said the policy is void because they were not married at, are not related, and were not business partners. >> it is a landmark day for a
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fairfax hospital. they held a ground-breaking ceremony for a new 665,000 square foot space dedicated to the care of women and children. we have an artist's rendering here of what the center will look like when it is complete. several prominent speakers attended the speaker -- attended the ceremony today. >> as serious motorcycle crash is being investigated in gaithersburg. it happened on great seneca highway. as you can see in that video, it involved a motorcycle and another vehicle. we're waiting to learn the names and condition of the people involved. let's get a check on the traffic situation this evening. >> you mentioned the accident on a great seneca the closure of made to place. lanes are blocked and you see the heavy traffic approaching the intersection. in the district, have the delays
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outbound from penn street heading toward montana. we had a signal issue that had been prepared. -- a signal issue that has been repaired. in arlington a closure remains between cambridge and military road with a couple of trees down. on southbound 95 coming out of dale city, approaching the trap way station traffic does get by. >> coming up, a painting with a lot of history is accidentally uncovered at a local flea market. how much it cost and how much it could now be worth. >> she was a woman of great anger and great rage. >> kathleen turner plays molly ivins on stage. >> getting an easy pass and virginia has just gotten easier. see the places where you can pick them up.
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>> turning to entertain the news -- a private memorial service was held to honor michael clark duncan who died after
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complications of a heart attack he suffered in july. the gentle giant is remembered for his role in "the green mile per "he is survived by his reality television star fiancee. >> blake lively and ryan reynolds tied the knot in a secret wedding. they have been dating for about one year and got married at booth hall plantation outside of charleston, south carolina. you might remember that site because it was in moved -- in the movie "the notebook." they apparently drove a cake down from virginia. that must have been some cake. >> how do you drive a cake? >> very carefully. >> very slowly. >> the two apparently met on the set of "the green lantern." >> kathleen turner is back on
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the stage in the nation's capital. >> she is playing a fiery role. arch campbell sat down with kathleen turner and talks about what she had to say about the stage role. >> she is doing the life of molly ivins and it's wonderful protection. 90 minutes, the latter mission. 30 years ago she blazed into view in "body heat." the oscar nominee and golden globe winner plays molly ivins in this production of "red hot patriot." >> texas writer, molly ivins loved to tweak politicians. one of her famous parts called and so lacking in iq that he need watering twice a day. she died of breast cancer in 2007, but her wit lives on things to kathleen turner in red hot patriot. >> she was a woman of great anger and great rage. >> turner new molly ivins and admired her writing. a rebel writer
5:42 pm
living in ever more considerate -- conservative times. >> there's a common element to all the characters i play. there are all pretty damn mad. i feel right at home with molly. >> i wondered how her passion goes over during these partisan times. >> most of the time here, so far, people have gotten really still. i'm not quite sure what that is about yet. >> the movies report list box office take in a decade. top three movies are right there. >> "red hot" plays through the end of the month. kathleen turner, i was quite intimidated. she is quite a present. >> it i can a major error in
5:43 pm
this role. she seems to fit what molly ivins is all about. >> she's a lot of people don't know molly ivins because she is best known in texas and the southwest. but she is quite a funny political person. >> i would bet a lot of people in this town have been reading her column is forever. coming up next, to pick up or not to pick up -- the never ending debate among parent of it comes to crying babies. a new medical study has a new answer. >> one man's trash is another man's treasure, but how about this? a renoir [ romney ] this president
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can ask us to be patient. this s president can tell us it was someone else's fault. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defen cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. north american energy independence. create over three hundred forty thousand new jobs for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approved this message.
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>> 7 is on your side -- a new study in the journal pediatrics shows that parents should help train babies to pry themselves to sleep by not picking them up. children and mothers used this method had improved sleep and davies did learn to sue the themselves. a follow up study shows children have no long-term harmful effects from that. >> we know there are always hidden treasures to be found at
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a flea market, but is rare to find a treasure worth $100,000. >> that is exactly what happened at the nearby flea market when a woman bought a painting that and at being by renoir. >> this is no ordinary painting. >> it means a landscape on the banks of the river seine. >> it is an 18th of the nine renoir, a masterpiece discovered two years ago in a west virginia free-market. >> i have a butterflies in my stomach. today is the day it finally hit me. >> the woman who found a painting spoke with us by phone. she must remain anonymous. she said she bid for a box of items that included the work of art. >> i noticed the frame and i bid at $7.10 the box. -- i bid $7 and when the box. >> she put it in the back of her car. >> one year later, she is about
5:48 pm
to take pay the out of the frame when her mother spotted that name on the etching. >> her mother suggested it would be a good idea to bring it to somebody to verify. >> experts at the auction house authenticate the peace after she brought it by in late august. >> that painting could fetch between 75,000 and $100,000 in auction. but the discovery of a renoir masterpiece at a west virginia flee market has the are world talking. this painting was last heard about in 1926. >> it's a needle in a haystack. >> the anonymous founder -- anonymous finder -- i am proved. one man's trash is another man's treasure. >> the painting will be up for auction on september 29. >> i guess it's time to head for west virginians are doing
5:49 pm
yard sales. >> that is amazing. >> let's see what's coming up at 6:00. >> it is hard to believe but 11 years have passed since the september 11 attacks. coming up, we will have a look at how the washington area will honor the victims of the terrorist attacks on the pentagon and the world trade center. on the political front, new figures the show a shift of fund-raising between presidential candidates. we will have the latest from the campaign trail at 6:00. >> we hope you will join us for our trip to the free-market. >> i have a good eye for art. >> thank you. >> we had a wonderful weather shift. >> it is beautiful today. what is the latest? >> it's not a renoir but this is the best i could do today. this is from a camera on top of
5:50 pm
skyline drive looking over shenandoah national park. that's the project that oversees the shift in vegetation. look at that sky -- you can see forever. 75 degrees in washington. in cumberland, way out there -- there will be a lot of spots in west virginia in the low '40's. we will start out with a morning temperature right here in washington and the low to mid '50's. when you are up in love -- up before sunrise cut -- this is the first time we have rolled out the word chilly. the wonderful part is this week and a big area of high pressure will continue to be nice and pleasant. that is the new whether poehl on our weather page. what are your favorite three months of the year?
5:51 pm
many people vote for september october and november. >> thank you. we want to welcome our former colleague from cnn joining us here on the weather team. you can watch her every morning on "good morning washington." >> here's a look at what is coming up in prime time -- the final two couples face their housemates on a bachelor pad and they will decide who will be the final couple standing. >> i have to tell you this is one of the first weekend in the football season were i haven't had to throw anything in my house. >> you have to change the way you watch, the redskins. >> how about that? >> no matter how optimistic sabina become the cannot
5:52 pm
honestly say you thought your team would look as good as they did in this first game of this season. you could almost hear people watching the game say wow after every electrifying play. what about robert griffin the third? he opened the eyes of some of the team. >> today, at least one of the redskins admitted surprise. >> i knew he could do it but i am impressed and i'm happy for him. he deserves it. >> for them to have a performance like that, we knew something like that was going to happen. >> robert griffin the third dazzled and his time on sunday looking like a 10-year pro. >> it's a game i played for a long time and the guys in the locker room, i was still a rookie to them.
5:53 pm
after this game, they tell me i'm not a rookie anymore. >> he made it so many plays a yesterday. >> the start and finish with 98 yards and two touchdowns. >> we have not had that in a long time. it's good to watch. >> but hold everything -- the redskins say the trip home was relatively subdued. >> it's just one game. we have 15 more to go. it's business as usual and we will just continue and it's time to get ready for the rams. >> the cleveland browns had a rookie quarterback yesterday. >> you had to bring that up. >> a little different for them. take a look at this. now you see him, now you don't. swallowed up by a large american
5:54 pm
flag during a pregame ceremony. he would eventually make his way out. there he is. that is an omen. >> it can only get better. >> its hard to recover >>
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>> from wildfires out west to storms in the east, while the weather is affecting the country. >> evacuations are underway where a new wild fire is affecting dozens of homes in washington. but families are hesitant to pack up and get out. >> we have worked a lifetime for and we don't just want to leave it behind. >> dozens of fires were sparked an washington and oregon where hikers and campers were forced to flee. >> i ran down the mountain and
5:58 pm
there were still a lot of people out there. >> near casper, wyoming, at least 10 structures have burned from this fire. more than 8 million acres have burned this year and the national oceanic and atmospheric association just announced the summer of 2012 was the third hottest on record. the extreme weather is being felt elsewhere and that u.s.. this intents the storm was over phoenix. >> look at the tornado. >> that cleanup continued after two tornadoes touched down over the weekend. >> it just threw everything around like it was paper. >> the storm left behind damage and power outages along the east coast. >> as crews battle several fires, there's the danger of flash flooding. >> that's it for us at 5:00. abc seven news at 6:00 starts
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right now. >> live and in h.d. -- this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> good evening, everyone. the big story tonight is as the remember the september 11 attack -- leon panetta visited the memorial in pennsylvania where flight 93 went down. a number of events will be held to march to mark this dark day in american history. we've got a look at how the victims will be remembered. alive to the washington national cathedral for more. >> there will be events throughout the washington area -- family services at that pentagon and in other locations, there will be


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